11 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Do you enjoy clutter free spaces and would like to find a way to efficiently organise items in your bathroom?

Whether you have a small bathroom and are looking for a way to utilise all of the available space or you want to find ways to keep products in the bathroom efficiently organised, I have pulled together this post for you. I always liked the idea of living in an apartment, however often apartments will have less space available when compared to houses. Below are some suggestions how you can organise the different items in your bathroom and utilise all of the space available to you.

1. Mirror Cabinet

This is a great way to create additional storage above the sink, whilst doubling as a mirror. An over the sink mirror is a piece that can be found in every bathroom. Often the mirror is a flat surface and it’s only function is to allow ourselves to see our reflection. When you decide to add storage to that space, the mirror’s function doesn’t change but it helps in adding the extra shelving units to discretely hide mouth care products, make up, skincare etc.

Photo by ikea.ie

2. Under Sink Storage Unit  

If you are refurbishing your bathroom and are looking to add some additional storage to the bathroom, a sink with built- in shelves will give you the storage you need. You can choose from variety of different styles and sizes and it’s a great way to add storage to a space that might have been left empty otherwise.

Photo by ikea.ie

If you already have a sink in place and are looking for ways to use the space around it, there are number of options you can avail of. First is a cabinet that is designed to fit around the already existing sink. They are a great solution to hide the “leg” of the sink and utilise all the space underneath the sink.

Photo by amazon.co.uk

The second option is an under the sink shelving unit with exposed shelving but that adds additional storage space. There are any number of ways in which this can be achieved and a solution to everyone’s taste. Below is an example of two varying options.

Photo from next.co.uk
Photo from amazon.co.uk

3. Tall Cabinet

Another way to use the available space within the bathroom is to utilise an empty wall by installing a tall cabinet. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can choose between a tall narrow wall cabinet, a corner cabinet or a wide cabinet. Every option will provide additional storage space to help you keep the bathroom organised.

Photo by ikea.ie
Photo by amazon.co.uk
Photo by ikea.ie

4. Toilet Cabinet

If you have some space beside your toilet and are looking to fill that space with a storage unit, a narrow toilet cabinet can be a perfect option. It’s a great way to discretely store toilet paper or cleaning products that would normally live beside the toilet.

Photo by amazon.co.uk

5. Over the Toilet Unit

Over the toilet storage is a perfect option for bathrooms that can’t facilitate any other storage unit but have an empty wall over the toilet. Once again, there are few options available to help utilise that space. They include wall cabinets, shelving units, towel racks and over the toilet storage rack. As with all furniture, there is a great range of options out there. Below are simply a few that I’ve recently spotted.

Photo by amazon.co.uk
Photo by amazon.co.uk
Photo by ebay.ie
Photo by amazon.co.uk
Photo by amazon.com

6. Ladder Shelf

If you’re looking to add something that will have a decorative and storage feature that can be easily moved around, the ladder shelf is perfect for it.

Photo by amazon.co.uk

7. Bath Side Wall Shelves

Are you a lucky owner of a bath and have an empty space at the foot of the bath which you don’t know how to utilise? Let me give you a perfect solution for it – a built-in storage unit or shelving unit can be fitted here; perfect to house your favourite bath salts or glass of wine when you need it.

Photo from Houzz.com

8. Over the Door Shelf

Are you looking for a way to store items in your bathroom you wouldn’t reach for everyday but would like to have them available to you in the bathroom? Most homes will have a gap between the top of the door and the celling. This is an ideal place to put a discreet shelving unit and store items such as towels or diffusers that will keep the room smelling fresh and welcoming.

9. Shelving Unit for Shower

I’ve previously mentioned an idea of shelving units for wall space at the foot of the bath, but what if you have a shower? How can you keep your items organised in a shower? Once again, there are few options available for you! They include: corner shelving units, glass shelves or stick on shelves for your everyday products.

Photo by amazon.co.uk
Photo by amazon.co.uk
Photo by amazon.co.uk
Photo by amazon.co.uk

10. Back of The Door Towel Rack / Shelves

Don’t forget about your bathroom door. Most of the time that’s a space that doesn’t get used up too much, but did you know there are number of ways you can add storage to it?

Below are 3 examples: the first one is a storage unit that is mounted by top hooks to the door. This is a great solution if you don’t want to drill any holes in your door. The second option is a towel rack, which once again, can be hung from the top of the door. You should be careful with these as they may not work well if the door is too tight to the door frame. Its also possible that it can scrape the door frame if too tight. The last example are stick-on hooks that can be used to hang towels.

Photo by amazon.com
Photo by amazon.co.uk
SKOGHALL Hook, self-adhesive, chrome-plated
Photo by Ikea.ie

11. Inside Cabinet Storage

If you’ve been struggling with trying to find a space for keeping your styling tools tangle free and easy to access I have a solution for you. The over the cabinet organiser!

Photo by amazon.co.uk

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love finding new ways to organise storage and keep places tidy. It just gives me great satisfaction having a place for every item I own in the bathroom. I hope the examples of clever storage I’ve provided you with will also help you organise your own bathroom.

If you are already using any of the suggestions, I would love to hear about it! Please share your thoughts with me and others and if you would like to suggests other ideas that should also be added to this list please let me know in the comments section!



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