Ikea ‘Must Haves’ For Home Organisation

For many people IKEA is the place to go to if you are moving to a new house or apartment or if you’re looking for some affordable, practical furniture. The chances are, you have heard of IKEA and its build-at-home philosophy. The simplistic and easy to assemble furniture can be found in many households.

Personally, I absolutely adore IKEA. It’s like a toy shop for adults, and you get foo at the end! It is almost impossible to go into IKEA without buying something. The intelligent design of the shop and clever positioning of products make everything very appealing. Apart from furniture, IKEA is also well know for its smart storage and organisation solutions which help to keep houses clutter free.

I have gone through all that IKEA has to offer and found a few gems. These are my top picks but there is a lot more. IKEA also updates their catalogue every couple of months so there is always something new to find.

Below is my top 36 items from IKEA to help in organisation. Each item contains a clickable link to make it easier to find. Hope you’ll find it helpful when organising your own space. To create some structure for all these items, I’ve decided to look at the different rooms of a house and filter them this way.

1. Living Room
2. Bedroom
3. Pantry
4. Kitchen
5. Office
6. Bathroom

Living Room

1. Hanging organiser for accessories

Do you find your TV remote keeps missing or you keep misplacing pens or notepads? This hanging organiser is great to keep items handy when chilling on a couch.

Photo by ikea.ie – KNALLBÅGE

2. Anti-slip underlay

This Anti-slip has been a savoir in my own room. It’s great for areas of regular movement, whether your moving from one end of the room to the other or have a chair on the carpet. Once the anti-slip underlay is positioned under the carpet – it won’t budge. It’s also super affordable and be cut to size and shape to fit!

Photo by ikea.ie – STOPP

3. Storage boxes

Whether you want to keep your sitting room, bedroom or kitchen clutter-free, storage boxes are ideal for it. IKEA offer a number of types, materials and designs – take your pick.

Photo by ikea.ie – ANILINARE
Photo by ikea.ie – BESTÅ
Photo by ikea.ie – BULLIG
Photo by ikea.ie – BYHOLMA


4. Bed tray

Do you enjoy weekend lie-ins ? Or maybe you’d like to suprise your special someone with breakfast in bed? IKEA have got you covered. A bed tray is perfect for that lazy morning lie-in.

Photo by ikea.ie – RESGODS

5. Bench with storage

Simple, practical and stylish. Ideal for end of bed storage to hide seasonal clothes, shoes, documents or other less frequently used items. This is also a great piece of furniture to add to your hallway. If you’re interested in finding other ways to increase storage space in your home click here.

Photo by ikea.ie – STOCKSUND

6. Jewellery box with compartments

This one is an essential for in any woman’s bedroom. If you like jewellery and you like to keep it organised – a jewellery box is a must.

Photo by ikea.ie – ANILINARE

7. Hanging shoe organiser

Another clever solution if you’re running low on storage for shoes but have some room available in your wardrobe. Good thinking IKEA.

Photo by ikea.ie – STUK

8. Shoe box

On the other hand, however, if you do have some extra space and are looking for a tidy way to store your shoes, the two options below will provide you with the solution.

SKUBB Shoe box, white, 22x34x16 cm
Photo by ikea.ie – SKUBB
Photo by ikea.ie – BÖRDIG

9. Hanging handbag organiser

Are you running out of space to store your handbags? IKEA came up with this clever hanger with compartments that helps you store your bag in your wardrobe. I think this is an interesting solution and could be used for items such as winter scarves or perhaps towels too.

Photo by ikea.ie – SKUBB

10. Storage with 6 compartments

Great solution if you have a lot of hanging space in your wardrobe but need a bit more shelving. The hanging storage with compartments easily creates additional space for jumpers, t-shirts and trousers that don’t need to go on a hanger.

Photo by ikea.ie – SKUBB

11. Storage case

Storage cases from IKEA are so practical. They fit perfectly underneath beds that dont already have underneath storage built-in. It works perfectly with beds from IKEA. It will also be worth checking the measurements to see if they can fit under a bed you already have.

Apart from being used underneath the bed, they are also great for keeping items dust-free in wardrobes or in the attic.

Photo by ikea.ie – SKUBB

12. Box with compartments

In addition to the storage cases, IKEA also offers open boxes with compartments that is perfect for organising your smaller items such as socks, belts, ties, etc. They come in a few different styles too.

Photo by ikea.ie – SKUBB
Photo by ikea.ie – STORSTABBE

13. Clothes bag

I decided to include the clothes bags under the bedroom section as they can be simply used there too however, I feel these are ideal for travelling. If you’ve been trying to find a way to transport your underwear and separate them from bigger pieces of clothing when travelling, you’ll find these very helpful.

Photo by ikea.ie – RENSARE

14. Adhesive hook for frames

This one is probably a little random, however I think its extremely practical! Did you move to a new home and are thinking of putting some pictures or frames on the wall? No hooks or nails available for it? No problem! The adhesive hooks for frames are simple, quick and easy and don’t require any tools!

Photo by ikea.ie – ALFTA

15. Vacuum seal bag

The vacuum seal bags from IKEA are absolute space savers! All you need to do is put all your heavy, space consuming clothes, bedding or anything else that can be minimised into a sealable bag, and suck the air out of it. It is very satisfying to watch and will save a ton of space! I use this for bed clothes, pillows and winter clothes.

Photo by ikea.ie – SPANTAD


16. Clip-on basket

This is a perfect solution to dividing and adding some additional storage space in your pantry. These clip-on baskets may work best on open shelving units.

Photo by ikea.ie – OBSERVATÖR

17. Boxes

Boxes can be used in any room, not just the pantry. However, these plastic ones are particularly sturdy and can hold a number of different items.

Photo by ikea.ie – SAMLA
Photo by ikea.ie – SAMLA


IKEA is filled with organisation gems for the kitchen. Below you will find some of my favourite items to buy for your kitchen.

18. Serving stand with lid

I can not imagine a kitchen without a serving stand to display all the amazing cakes and baked goodies. This one from IKEA comes with a lid too that keeps the food fresh for longer but still reminds you there’s a little bit to finish!

Photo by ikea.ie – ARV BRÖLLOP

19. Holder for mobile phone / tablet

This gadget is currently on my to-buy list for IKEA. This is perfect if you like to cook and bake and use your phone to follow recipes. The bigger version can also be used to hold books too.

Photo by ikea.ie – BERGENES
SIGFINN Holder for mobile phone, bamboo veneer
Photo by ikea.ie – SIGFINN
Photo by ikea.ie – GRIMAR

20. Shelf insert

The shelf insert is a practical solution to allow to utilise all the space found in tall cupboards which normally wouldn’t work on it’s own. Its the perfect height for 400 ml canned tins too in order to keep them organised underneath.

Photo by ikea.ie – VARIERA

21. Pot lid organiser

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always struggled with keeping my pot lids tidy and easy to grab. With this little invention, it all seems so much easier now.

Photo by ikea.ie – VARIERA

22. Insert for spice jars

This is another great invention. East to access and see inserts for the spices in the drawers.

Photo by ikea.ie – VARIERA

23. Cutlery tray

This one is a must in any kitchen. Whether it’s wooden or plastic, it’s important to make sure you can easily remove it to freshen it up whenever necessary.

Photo by ikea.ie – VARIERA

24. Plate holder

Similarly to the lid holder, this plate holder keeps your place in a tidy, contained space, easy to access.

Photo by ikea.ie – VARIERA

25. Divider for drawer

For all the drawers that need that extra bit of direction where everything needs to stay.

Photo by ikea.ie – MAXIMERA

26. Knife tray

Simple and visually appealing way of keeping your knives secure and easily accessible.

Photo by ikea.ie – VARIERA

27. Holder for iron

An iron may not always be stored in the kitchen, but for those of you who have a side shelf for it, this holder from IKEA can help it keeping it tidy.

Photo by ikea.ie – VARIERA

28. Dish drainer for wall cabinet

I’m quite a fan of this solution. I think it’s an interesting way of keeping the dishes out of site and as a result making your kitchen appealing more clutter free. Of course, this is best placed directly above the sink, so it may not work in all situations.

Photo by ikea.ie – UTRUSTA

29. Seal and pour bag clip

Practical and reusable. If you’re looking for a way to remove plastic boxes from the cereal but would like to keep them fresh – this could be it.

Photo by ikea.ie – BEVARA

30. Holder for container

Another clever way to store products in areas such as high presses where the space wouldn’t be used otherwise.

Photo by ikea.ie – IKEA 365+


31. Tray

Ideal for storing all these little, loose items lying around the table or the shelves in your office area. With its shape, it can fit into a shelf too which will help to remove the visual clutter.


Photo by ikea.ie – RAGGISAR
Photo by ikea.ie – KUGGIS

32. Desk organiser

This one is an old favourite, liked and known by many. It’s a simple way to de-cluttet any desk or counter.

Photo by ikea.ie – KVISSLE


There are some items mentioned below which can also be used in the bathroom. Being creative is the key to innovation. If you’re interested in finding out how you can organise consumable items in your bathroom check out one of my previous posts here.

33. Glass box with lid

I find glass boxes fit nicely into the bathroom setting. They are simple, elegant and practical for keeping items such as hair pins or cotton pads in an organised fashion.

Photo by ikea.ie – SAMMANHANG

34. Box with compartments

This list wouldn’t be complete without an organiser for a bathroom shelf. This one here, with compartments helps in keeping make-up tidy as well as other small items in order.

Photo by ikea.ie – GODMORGON

35. Storage box with mirror lid

This storage box with a mirror lid is a handy one for the bathroom as well as having it on the go. As it contains a mirror and a number of compartments, it can be easily moved around the house wherever needed.

Photo by ikea.ie – SAXBORGA

36. 10-piece travel set

Last but not least is a set that is most likely available in a number of shops. I thought, I’d mention it anyway as it’s a handy one to pick up when you’re browsing through the IKEA store. Perfect for travelling to reduce the amount of liquids with you.

Photo by ikea.ie – FÖRFINA

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The 36 IKEA must have items I would highly recommend. They are practical and will help you in keeping your home organised and clutter free.

As mentioned at the beginning, this list isn’t exhaustive. There are many other items that can be considered just as practical as the ones mentioned in this post. If you feel there is something that should definitely find it’s way on this list, please let me know.

*This post is not sponsored by IKEA.



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