The Perfect Guacamole Recipe

Happy weekend everyone! Today I would like to share with you my Guacamole recipe. I’ve been eating a lot of egg sandwiches for brunch and Guac goes so well with it.

This recipe suggests the use of cheese, however if you’d like to make your Guac vegan-friendly, leave the cheese out. I can guarantee, it will still taste amazing.

Wardrobe Organisation – How to Get the Most Out of Your Closet

I feel, at some point in our life, the majority of us have faced the problem of “not having anything to wear” while having a wardrobe full of clothes. I have faced this problem on a number of occasions in the recent years. In order to correct this, the first step for me to achieving a successful wardrobe is a little out of the ordinary. This decision was to get rid of anything that was creating the fake illusion of actually having a wardrobe full of clothes I wear. Closet clutter is confusing and draining.

Ikea ‘Must Haves’ For Home Organisation

For many people IKEA is the place to go to if you are moving to a new house or apartment or if you’re looking for some affordable, practical furniture. The chances are, you have heard of IKEA and its build-at-home philosophy. The simplistic and easy to assemble furniture can be found in many households.
Here are my top 36 items from IKEA to help in organisation.

Top Furniture Tips to Increase Storage Space in your Home

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the following suggestions are some ideas to help you utilise your space to its full potential. Sometimes, we don’t realise how much stuff we have and the more items we get, the more storage space we need. The furniture ideas are practical, and yet they will definitely help to keep your living space clean and tidy.

Roast Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup

Easy to throw together delicious, comforting and creamy roast vegetable soup. Great for lunch or a light supper with a crispy slice of bread on the side.
The base ingredients include butternut squash, sweet potato, red onion and red pepper – a perfect autumn veg medley.