Wardrobe Organisation – How to Get the Most Out of Your Closet

I feel, at some point in our life, the majority of us have faced the problem of “not having anything to wear” while having a wardrobe full of clothes. I have faced this problem on a number of occasions in the recent years. In order to correct this, the first step for me to achieving a successful wardrobe is a little out of the ordinary. This decision was to get rid of anything that was creating the fake illusion of actually having a wardrobe full of clothes I wear. Closet clutter is confusing and draining.

Top Furniture Tips to Increase Storage Space in your Home

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the following suggestions are some ideas to help you utilise your space to its full potential. Sometimes, we don’t realise how much stuff we have and the more items we get, the more storage space we need. The furniture ideas are practical, and yet they will definitely help to keep your living space clean and tidy.

Bathroom Organisation: How to Reduce Consumable Items in the Bathroom

In recent years, there’s been more and more conversation about the changes we can make to help save our planet. With that in mind, I thought, it would be good to look at ways that we can improve organisation and reduce the consumable products we use in our bathrooms. Having an organised bathroom is something that is important to me as I believe organisation is a base to a happy life.
Whether getting ready for the day ahead or taking a nice relaxing bath in the evening, spending time in a place that surrounds us with products that are sustainable and reduce the amount of waste can have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing. In this post, I explore different ways to reduce the amount of consumable items in the bathroom.

11 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Do you enjoy clutter free spaces and would like to find a way to efficiently organise items in your bathroom?

Whether you have a small bathroom and are looking for a way to utilise all of the available space or you want to find ways to keep products in the bathroom efficiently organised, I have pulled together this post for you. I always liked the idea of living in an apartment, however often apartments will have less space available when compared to houses. Below are some suggestions how you can organise the different items in your bathroom and utilise all of the space available to you.